Kitchen Altercation Escalates to Fatal Stabbing at Khinkalnaya Tbiliso Cafe in Mytishchi, Moscow.

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 An employee of the Khinkalnaya Tbiliso cafe in Mytishchi near Moscow stabbed her colleague during a quarrel. The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 4th. According to the Telegram channel “112”, the cafe workers quarreled among themselves in the kitchen. The altercation escalated when a woman picked up a kitchen knife and inflicted several wounds on her colleague’s chest. The victim died before an ambulance arrived. A few hours later, law enforcement officers arrested the suspect, 36-year-old Tajik citizen Sayyora Dusaeva, at her home. The video published by the 112 channel, taken from a video surveillance camera in the kitchen of the cafe, shows a man attacking a woman and pulling her hair. The woman fought back by hitting the man with a kitchen knife that was nearby. Other cafe employees tried to intervene but the wounded man eventually collapsed. The reason for the altercation and the cause of the murder is still unknown. This is the second case in recent days where a migrant woman from Tajikistan has been accused of murder in the Moscow region.

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